Mission and Core Values

My mission is to help mothers, in a supportive and non-judgmental way, in the areas we often feel lost and overwhelmed; breastfeeding, sleep support, healthy eating and postpartum life/everything else mom.

IMG_6625_edited-2My idea for Latched and Attached developed as I began to get lost in my own struggles with motherhood.  Living pretty far from any family and trying to adapt to all the changes and challenges that motherhood through at me, I needed support and I needed help.  It wasn’t was easy as I thought it would be to pick up the phone and ask for help when I needed it.  I feared I was being an imposition or that I would sound silly with the basic questions that I had.  As my kids started to get older and other mamas trusted me with their questions, I realized that the questions aren’t stupid, they are genuine and we all have them.  But more so, I realized that mothers want support and guidance from someone they trust.

I founded Latched and Attached because of the things I believe about motherhood and the post-pregnancy life:

1.  Motherhood is the biggest responsibility and the most exciting and terrifying journey we may ever embark on.

2.  Postpartum care, in general, is lacking for most women and they aren’t getting the help the need.  Navigating through the abundance of resources we have and the systems that are in place are half the battle – and, whether we like it or not, after having a baby – we many times don’t have the time, mindset or ability to do this on our own.   

3.  Taking care of “Mama” is a necessity, not a luxury and I believe that with my entire being.  If you want your baby to thrive then the health of the mother needs to be a priority, too.   

4.  We need support and guidance without the harsh judgement.  And we need more than help on how to fix the problem- we need the support and care to get us, the mamas, through the stressful time, too. 

There is no step-by-step manual to motherhood, but my goal for Latched and Attached is to come as close as I can to creating and being one.  But there will inevitably be steps that aren’t outlined, but the resources are there.  I know that when you are overwhelmed with the information, I can sort through it with a different mindset.