Sleep Consultations with Bethany

Need more sleep?

"Babies need sleep to support healthy development. Parents need sleep to maintain sanity. Sleep is a universal human need." -Alice Callahan PhD

Not getting enough sleep at night?

Not sure how you can continue to live like this?  Would you do anything for an uninterrupted sleep block?
Tired of fighting every night at bed time? Can’t get your child to go to sleep on their own?

Bethany can help!

Bethany works individually with families to develop a sleep training strategy that works.  She takes into account:

  • Your parenting style
  • Your child's needs
  • You current living/sleeping situation
  • Your preferences

She will give you honest feedback and prepare you for the challenges that come during training, but ultimately she will deliver a strategy and process that gets your child sleeping better at night.

Every child is different, every parent is different and every plan will be different to account for this.

Who is Bethany?

Bethany is a mom - just like you!  She has two kids of her own and she gets the every day struggles of motherhood.  In fact, her first born was not a good sleeper and she admits that it was a battle to get him to sleep until he was a year old.  It wasn't until her daughter was born that she understood and recognized the individual needs they each had regarding sleep.  For that reason, you won't find her telling you to just let the baby cry it out!

Take comfort in the fact that Bethany also gets what it's like be exhausted and need your sleep!  She's a believer in keeping babies/children secure and comfortable through the process promising you that sleep training will not be detrimental to your relationship with your child.

Bethany is a sleep consultant (as well as a postpartum doula and lactation consultant), that not only believes in the importance of sleep at all stages, but also has a keen ability to adapt plans and methods to meet the needs of parents and their babies that are struggling to sleep.  The best part is her methods are effective. She works hard to make sure that her plans meet the needs of each individual family, while assuring you that you can offer your child comfort throughout any phase.

Bethany is proud of how effective her plans have been and how available she makes herself to her clients throughout the training process

How it works


The first step is to purchase/book your consult with Bethany.  Make sure you check the "Who's it for?" questions above. If that sounds like you, you're in the right place!  Once you purchase, using the button on this page, you will get an email to book your consult with Bethany at a time you can select that best works for you.


At your chosen time, you will have a phone conversation with Bethany where she will be able to discuss all of the issues you are facing, the exact outcomes you want to see and discuss parenting styles and the things you are/aren't comfortable with.  This process is about you and your child and Bethany always keeps that at the forefront.


During your phone call, Bethany will present you with a few options as she begins to develop a plan for you that she thinks will be a good fit for you and baby.  After your phone call, Bethany will develop a fully customized plan for you and your child to carry out.  You will have the ability to review it and request revisions on any part that you are uncomfortable with.


Once confirming the method you will use, you will choose a date to start your sleep training.  Bethany will provide e-mail support for 2 weeks of your training to answer any questions and tweak the plan as you both see fit.  The average family that works with Bethany finds that they start to sleep more after only 2-3 nights!


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What do I get?

Bethany will not only help your child to develop a healthier relationship with sleep, that will provide life long healthy habits for them, but she also provides you with all of this:

  • A private phone consult where Bethany can learn more about your specific situation and get to know you and your baby a little better
  • A customized plan that Bethany will develop based on your struggles, your parenting style and baby's disposition.
  • Unlimited revisions of the sleep plan until the method described feels good to you
  • Two weeks of e-mail support where you can ask Bethany any questions, identify any concerns and get the support that you need to make it through successfully.  Bethany is quick to respond and will use your feedback to tweak the plan as necessary to ensure success!

Who it's for?

  • The parent(s) that struggles to get their child to sleep
  • The parent(s) that struggles to keep their child asleep
  • The parent(s) that is ready to create a secure and safe relationship between their child and sleep
  • The parent(s) that knows their child is ready for the next step in healthy sleep
  • The parent(s) that has read every book, tried every method and is still feeling lost when it comes to getting their child to sleep
  • The parent(s) of a child 4 months or older and in good overall health
  • The parent(s) that likes a plan and is able to stick to it
  • The parent(s) that likes to have on quick support where questions can be answered and plans can be adjusted accordingly
  • The parent(s) that want a custom plan that was developed by a professional for their child individually

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