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March 3, 2016
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March 5, 2016
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Nap time on a Friday afternoon.

Both kids are fast asleep and I am sitting here among the mess that’s everywhere around me.  The living room is trashed, the playroom looks like it has imploded, the kitchen table has clean laundry all over it and my kitchen counter is piled high with bags that we took out of the car after our late arrival home last night.  Nothing is really dirty, everything is just extremely messy.

Today, though, I am not jumping up to get the house all nice and tidy .  Instead I remind myself that it’s me and the kids and, in a little while, my husband’ll be home and our weekend will begin.  There is no one to impress, there is nothing that needs to be done at this very moment except to enjoy the view of the mess around me.

…the those toys all over the floor mean that the kids had a great time playing this morning.

…the blanket balled up with crumbs is a sign we had a great Friday picnic lunch together.

…the pillows piled high in the corner remind me of the fun we had playing the toddler version of hide n go seek.

…the clean laundry on the table means we were active this week, we went out and did things, we got dirty and we lived.

…the bags on the counter show how exhausted we were when we arrived home last night after our adventure last night.

…the handprints on the glass door prove how excited the kids were to see the squirrels chasing one another this morning.

…and the sound of silence all around me reminds me that my kids don’t care about the mess, they care that we were together – playing, laughing, enjoying it all.

I’ll wander over to put away the clean laundry and clean out the bags that clutter my counter eventually.  But the toys? leaving them. Blanket from our picnic lunch? Leaving it.  Pajamas? Staying on.  Hand prints? Yup, they’ll be staying for a while, too.   

Because today, I’m just grateful that I have this view to enjoy.

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