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March 2, 2016
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March 4, 2016
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Today, I feel like I am losing at the mom life.

We began our day at 4:30 am today when Connor felt it was an appropriate time to wake up.  It was an interesting choice on his part.  He spent most of the rest of the wee hours of the morning in our bed staring at our ceiling. 

Fast forward to a few minutes before our scheduled 8:45 departure from the house for our MOPS meeting:  Connor refuses to put his pants on when getting dressed.  Instead he found the rain boots in his closet that I have put away about four thousand times already this week.  I take the rain boots off, put them back in his closet.  He tells me he doesn’t want to wear pants, only boots.  Won’t put the pants on.  I put his pants on anyway…first tantrum of the day.

By the time we get to MOPS, Gigi cries and breaks my heart, the same way she does every single time I leave her.  But, and this is a big but, she stopped crying today after only a few minutes and despite getting sad at times, she did pretty well!  Our first, and only, small win for the day so far.

MOPS is finished, I go to get both kids from their respective play rooms.  Gigi is very happy to see me and, well, Connor could take me or leave me at that point, he would rather stay and play with his friends.  As we walk down the hall, he hears me mention his name tag sticker to a friend and wants said sticker.  He pulls said sticker off, I tell him he has to put it in the trash now and not stick it to every surface he can find collecting every piece of dust, dirt and hair there is.  I walk him over to the trash can and make him throw it in the trash….tantrum number two of the day.

On the way home, Gigi falls asleep.  We get home and I try to transfer her into her crib, she won’t go back to sleep.  I tried everything: music, sound machine, I rock her, I change her diaper, I rock her more (meanwhile, Connor is standing outside of her door peeking his head in asking, about a hundred times, what I am doing and why Gigi won’t sleep).  I put Gigi in her crib, she doesn’t cry, but she won’t go to sleep, but she is content to lay there this time so, I let her do just that!

When I get out, Connor tells me that he helped himself to a cup of water from the fridge dispenser.  Typically, this isn’t a huge deal, but today he was lacking the cup for his cup of water and the water. was. everywhere.  So, I get a towel and put it on the floor while I get Connor ready for his nap early – it had to be nap time to keep Mommy sane.  He was so angry with me, I tucked him in and…tantrum 3 for the day!… which eventually fizzled into a sweet slumber that he needed more than ever. 

So, Gigi is babbling in her crib and Connor is asleep for an early nap.

Is today over yet?

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