Mommy Mindset Rehab

All of the materials for Mommy Mindset Rehab can be found here (updated daily!)

Pre-Rehab E-mail

Day 1:

The Big Picture: The Good and The Bad Worksheet

Acknowledging where we are and where we want to go

8 Core Values of Mindful Mama

This is really what is all comes down to – these are the values we try to master to be a mindful mama.  These can be used throughout the week and moving forward.  They are great for mediation, or just something to return to time and time again to remember what we are striving for.

Core Values Worksheet

After reviewing the core values this worksheet will help you to think about you current strengths and weaknesses and where they lie within this value system.

Day 2:

Affirmations Worksheet

This is an opportunity for you to see the good in those around you, including yourself.

Day 3

Many times the battle that starts within our homes comes from the lack of communicating properly to one another, or at all.

So today we are going to take some time to figure out the different love languages of those in our household. This can be really effective in understanding one another and communicating better so everyone feels heard and loved.

Go to and take the quiz for you and each of your kids (toddler aged and up) and have your partner take it on his own, then discuss and brainstorm ways to speak each other language better!

Day 4

Why do we reach the end of our rope?  Why do we lose our shit?  Why can’t we stop it?  Many times once something goes wrong (one meltdown, one fight, one difficult moment, one bad night’s sleep, etc) it spirals because we become negative.

It’s hard to turn it around once we start to spiral into negativity because, most of the time, we don’t even realize it’s happening.

If we could just stop, see the positive, and make a small turn back – it can make a big difference.

But we have to recognize it first.

Best and the worst worksheet

Day 5

One of the hardest parts of motherhood, and adulthood in general, is the responsibility.

As moms, we aren’t just responsible for ourselves, but we are also responsible for our kids and even our husbands many times. Never mind the animals…oh and whatever kind of work we might have going on too!

It’s a lot! It’s overwhelming! It’s usually THE reason we lose it because the burden is heavy and it just gets to be TOO much!

So today we are taking a greater look at our responsibilities, I want you to actually list them out and identify whether you need help or not. Note: I didn’t ask whether or not you can get help with these responsibilities, I just want you to identify which ones you need/want help with. What could help ease your load. We aren’t looking for the how…yet.

Responsibilities worksheet


Are you good at accepting help from others? or are you picky about it?

Maybe no one offers to help, but there are ways you know certain people could help in certain ways.

We need to ask. We need to accept.

What we have going on here in motherhood, it’s a tough gig – and we weren’t meant to go at it alone. Whether it be our spouses, extended family, friends, etc.

…but we have to be okay with asking.

Today we identify our lifelines – the people that CAN help, the people that WILL help – if we ask them (maybe tell in some cases…) and if we let them. Like all those responsibilities we thought about yesterday, especially the ones we need help with.

Things might not be done perfectly. Things might not be done the same way we would do them. Things might not be done in the same time we could do them. But they still get done…if we ask, if we accept.

Lifelines Worksheet