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February 17, 2016
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February 19, 2016
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Driving 9 hours with the two kids (one that has only be potty trained for about two months) all by myself was not something I could say I was excited for. 

I had done everything I needed to except make sandwiches and pack the cooler the night before.  Of course, Gigi decided she would sleep until almost 8 o’clock this morning..of course.  After the kids ate breakfast, we were on the road by 8:15 armed with plenty of food, books, fun music and most importantly…the iPads!  Connor has his loaded with all kinds of apps, Gigi is still a little young and really just watches movies on hers (errr…mine).   

So, off we went.  I was trying not to instantly offer the iPads to the kids – my goal was to get to hour 2 before we needed them.  We sang and danced a little to the music, we chatted a little bit (because that’s what Connor does) and we even enjoyed a little quiet, too.  Two and half hours later I got the first potty call.  We stopped, he went, we got back in the car.  It went so smooth it was scary.  We trucked on (vanned on? 🙂 and didn’t stop again until lunch.  They had both watched a movie and I was able to listen to an audio book for about an hour and half.  It was amazing.  I felt great, audiobooks might be my new thing because I love to read but at home I pick up a book and two pages later I am snoring away…oh, the life of a mother.

Anyways…quick pit stop for something to eat, another potty break and on the road again, just in time for naps!  Gigi decided she didn’t want to nap for more than 20 minutes which I thought was going to be a nightmare but IMG_6846she looked at this ridiculous Mickey Mouse look and find book for 2 hours.  TWO HOURS.  She giggled, she pointed, she laughed.  Then she dropped it and was really angry about.  I pulled off the next exit and got it for her and continued on.  He saw her looking at the book and wanted to look at his, too.  It occupied him for a good amount of time!  I was really impressed (and recommend these books to anyone with toddlers!).  The iPad really didn’t come out for Connor until we were about an hour away.  He played while Gigi watched Cinderella and we were golden…even when we hit traffic.

The ONLY drawback to traveling with the two kids alone was how badly I had to pee by the time we reached the hotel.  See, I had brought Connor’s little potty in the car so I wouldn’t have to drag all three of us in somewhere to use a bathroom overtime nature called for him, especially because I wasn’t sure how often that would be.  So, in turn we never used bathroom and I wasn’t making a special trip for me when they were both behaving so well, that’s for sure.  BUUUUUT I probably should have thought about that when I had three bottles of water in the morning and a soda with lunch.  Yaaaaa…not my best choice.  You know what the better choice was though?  Running up to our hotel room and asking Connor if he needed to use the bathroom to which he, of course, responded yes.  I think I peed for like 4 minutes straight.  I’m not joking. IMG_6851

All in all, it was a great trip.  I even feel like I got a little accomplished for the day.  After all, I “read” about half a book!  The better part is knowing I can do it.  The first time doing anything with the two kids alone can always be a little scary and intimidating, but once you do it (whether it goes well or not) and survive it, it’s done and you know you can do it.  That’s motherhood in a nutshell, isn’t it?  Conquering one battle so you can have the confidence to move on to the next.

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