Sleep Training with Bethany

Fighting every night at bed time? Can’t get your child to go to sleep on their own? Scared to listen to them cry for too long? Can’t get the baby to sleep anywhere but your arms?  Being told too many different methods to get baby to sleep better? Exhausted and not sure where to start?!

 Let Bethany Help!

Creating healthy sleep habits early on in life makes for a better and healthier life for everyone in the family.  Sometimes, a sleep coach is exactly what you need to make these healthy sleep habits common practice within your home.  Bethany will work with you to come up with an individual plan to help your child sleep better contoured to your parenting style and your child’s personality.

Why Bethany?

Bethany is a sleep coach, a postpartum doula and a lactation counselor.  Her unique training helps her to bring a skill set to the table that other coaches don’t offer.  She can help you to incorporate night weaning, or determine if your child is at the stage that this can even be considered.  Her goal is to help you and your family develop healthy, secure and beneficial relationships when it comes to sleep (and everything else parenting too!).

What do I get?

  • One 30 minute phone call where Bethany will get a feel for your approach and your style when it comes to sleep and parenting.  Bethany will work with to answer questions and begin to develop a plan as she is on the phone with you.
  • An individualized PDF sleep plan for you e-mailed within 1 business day of your phone call
  • 2 weeks (from the point of email delivery) of e-mail support to help you through the sleep training process and answer any questions that might come up.  These emails will also provide insight to you on how to tweak your plan if you find something is not helping effectively.
  • A family that sleeps better 🙂

**Please note that Bethany will only work to sleep train a child that is 4 months or older, if you are not ready for training or your child is too young, see below**

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Healthy Sleep Habits Consult

If you’re child is just a little too young for sleep training (under 4 months) or you just aren’t ready to fully sleep train, this is the option for you! With this you will get a 30 minute phone call with Bethany where you can discuss, strategize and ask any questions you might have. She will give you tips and talk about things that you can do right now to help your child become a better sleeper and get your family the rest you need.

After your phone call you will also receive one week of email access to Bethany so you can follow up with any questions you might have!

This is a great place to start and when you decide it’s time to start training, you will get a 10% discount for being a returning customer!
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