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July 19, 2016
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August 7, 2016
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There are so many days when that little finger touches my nose in the morning that all I want is to roll over and pretend like I didn’t feel it.

Motherhood is exhausting and they have so much energy.

Then, when I hear his voice, “Good morning, mommy”, the realization that he NEEDS me, and his sister will need me soon, hits me and I slowly come to life.

The burden can be heavy and the joys can be just as overwhelming.

These tiny humans redefine our life, they reshape who we are because they become our everything and they make us second guess that same everything they have consumed.

We get lost, I’ve been lost many times. No matter how you’re struggling – breastfeeding, nutrition for you and your child, hormones, sleep, self care, time management the list could go on and on.

We all have our battles. We all have struggles.

We never feel like supermom.

In fact, we feel like the exact opposite. We walk around, most days, feeling inadequate.

We go out and see the mama that is dressed up and manicured so nicely…but what we don’t see is her determination to keep her clothes and hair nice because she feels like she has lost control of her life and that’s the only thing she can keep in check these days.

We go to playdates and see healthy snacks galore and perfect arts & crafts projects scattered through the house…but what we don’t see is how bedtime is battle each night and it 6 out of 7 nights a week it ends with mom, dad and toddler in tears.

We sit at the park and chase our kids around, trying to control them while there is mom sitting on the bench while her kids play perfectly and are so well behaved and we think she has her shit so perfectly together…what we don’t see is that when she goes home they spend most of their day in front of their iPads because she can’t stand playing with the kids.

None of these things make us bad, none of these things are right or wrong.

It’s simply the realization that supermom just doesn’t exist.

The things you are good at and those things you aren’t so good at…that’s what makes you you.

We raise different little human beings because we are all different, it keeps the world interesting.

But we must get this idea of supermom out of our heads, because supermom doesn’t exist. You CAN’T do it all. You CAN’T be it all. The moms who seem like they can…they aren’t, I promise. It just appears that way.

It’s okay to break and “lose it” once in a while, it’s okay to not get on the floor and play with your kids if you don’t like it and it’s okay if you don’t home cook your meals.

It’s okay to not be perfect to everyone else.

You are perfect in your little one’s eyes. You are the only Mama they want because you are all they know as “mom”…and to them, you are supermom.

So, let’s all try to stop adjusting the cape and take it off to wrap around our littles during snuggle time.

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