What is a Postpartum Doula?


A postpartum doula focuses her care on the mother after the birth of a child/children.  Her role is to support the mother as she adjusts to her child within her home.  She will help mom and baby with breastfeeding support, general feeding tips and techniques and helping the new family with bonding, comforting the baby and providing basic care to the infant and the recovering mama.  Postpartum doulas can also provide support with sibling adjustment and multiple birth help.

Traditional postpartum doulas come into the home of a new family and help with all of the above, while also helping the new mom with household tasks like laundry, meal prep, tidying up, etc.  The postpartum doula is there to help mom, and baby too, and allow a new mother to get the care and comfort she needs to take care of her new baby.  The postpartum doula will help a new mother to realize her own significance while tending to her and her needs, as the rest of the world, naturally, focuses on her baby. 

While a postpartum doula is not a medical professional, she can help you to understand what is normal and point you in the direction of medical care when necessary.


I do all of the above, as a certified postpartum doula, while mainly providing my services online and by telephone.  This option helps you to keep the cost down while receiving the support and care that is necessary for all mothers postpartum.

I help the new mom by providing emotional support that mothers needs in the early stages with things like communicating with family members, helping to establish and support boundaries, discovering and implementing care techniques that will encourage rest, strength and bonding with their infant, and so much more!

I will also encourage and guide mothers that need assistance and support with breastfeeding throughout all stages, from the earliest newborn hours to the toddler years.

I will also take the time to help determine the best sleep support system for parents and their family.  Through the process of discovering what works while taking into account the age of the child and the desired method of the parents, I will walk you through from the planning and brainstorming phases and be live support for you and your family while carrying it out.

Lastly, you will become a part of the Latched & Attached community.  This will give you access to a private online support group that is monitored by me to keep you informed and answer questions.  It also allows you to connect and talk with other mothers who are in the same phase of life!