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Breastfeeding Support/Guidance Consult

Having trouble overcoming the obstacles that new moms face when breastfeeding?  pain? poor latch? sore nipples? Supply issues?  These are only a few of the many things that breastfeeding mamas face, and these are all things that we can work together to overcome.
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Sleep Support/Training Consult

Trying Desperately to get your child (baby/toddler/school aged) on a better sleep schedule?  Need help implementing a routine?  We can work together to find method and strategies that work for your family. Different methods work better for different families and it’s important to use the methods and strategies that are consistent with your parenting, and that’s why all of my sleep support is given on an individual basis.
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Other questions/concerns about motherhood?

Worried about the arrival of your new little one? Do you have a picky eater?  Maybe you are lost in the transition of expanding your family?  Finding it difficult to communicate effectively or set boundaries with family members?

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