Struggling with Milk Supply?

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In The Secrets to Milk Making Magic You Will Discover...

  • The Basic Science Behind Breast Milk Production

    You will learn how your body makes milk and what triggers it to make more without paying for extra supplements or putting potentially harmful thing into your body.

  • What You Can Do Today to Make More Milk

    You will learn basic things that you can start doing immediately that will help your ramp up your milk production.  Yes, even if you don’t have a breast pump yet.

  • Sample Schedules and Routines

    Whether you exclusively breastfeed, exclusively pump or do a combination of both, Bethany will provide you with schedules and routines of what to start with and when to do it to yield the best results.

  • The Ability to Relax and Enjoy Your Breastfeeding Journey

    Read about the different techniques that Bethany suggests to get you to relax while your body does the rest.  After your milk production is up, sit back and enjoy the rest of your journey knowing you have the tools to overcome supply issues.

  • Suggested Products and Savings

    Bethany will give you all of the products she recommends most to moms that are battling supply issues.  You will also get coupon codes to use on some of these products and for repeat purchases in the future

  • What You're Putting in Your Body

    You will get an outline of all suggested foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet to help boost your milk production.  You will also get a list of those foods and products that you should try to stay away from!

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  • Guide to nipple stimulation and anatomy of the nipple
  • Understanding how to get the most out of your pumping sessions
  • The essentials for mom’s health and diet to make more milk and better milk
  • Everything you need to know about supplements and “quick fixes”
  • Practical steps to make more milk faster
  • The physiological conditions that can prevent you from making more milk
  • Guide to increase the quality of breastmilk that encourages weight gain
  • Guide to figuring out what’s standard and normal for output
  • Sample Schedules
  • Recommended products & discounts

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Milk Making Magic

After a few days using all the tools and knowledge Bethany gave me, I noticed an increase. I also noticed I was pumping more which was important to me. Boy was I over the moon with excitement! Because of Bethany, we are officially off the one bottle of formula a day and only breast feeding.

Allyson , Virginia, USA

I was able to pinpoint what was making me struggle with milk supply and take the necessary steps to make it better.  If it wasn't for Bethany I would probably still be increasing my dosage of Fenugreek along with other supplements that were actually making it worse for me. Thanks to her, I never opened the can of formula and I haven't had supply issues since.

Ania, New Jersey, USA
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