More than just another support group, My Mama Village offers the resources moms need to thrive.  Professional sleep help, solving lactation and feeding concerns and keeping your mama mindset in check all in a judgement free zone.

Are you a mama? 
Do you feel like you have lost yourself in motherhood?
Are you constantly telling yourself that you aren't enough for your family?
Do you 
struggle to make yourself a priority?
Are you feeling like you don't have a "mom community" of your own?

Need some professional help getting your baby/toddler to sleep?
Issues with breastfeeding?
Have picky eaters who won't eat healthy?

Do you have struggles or questions about postpartum life
or motherhood in general?  Need help? Guidance? A place to vent?
Trouble with transitions of new siblings, a move, etc?

Want help and guidance from a professional and group of moms
that is present and there when you need them, sooner rather than later?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to get started!

What is My Mama Village?

My Mama Village is an online community of bad ass mamas with a growth mindset.

It is where moms come to find solutions to specific problems like sleep, lactation, feeding, self-awareness and more - but they find that it is so much more.  My Mama Village develops mamas daily to mother with confidence, clarity and courage.  That's not something you'll find anywhere else.

Bethany works with you and all the other amazing mamas daily on your mindset, but also provides you with a membership portal that is full of resources for you to work through on your own or discuss it in the group.

My Mama Village will provide you with solutions so you can confidently move through motherhood without second guessing your every move.  At the same time, the village will challenge us to be better and be more - for ourselves and for our families.

There isn't a better place for moms to be on the internet.

My Mama Village is a group that will help you discover and remember who you are.  My Mama Village will become part of your daily life,  Bethany and mamas like you will encourage you to find time and different ways to take care of yourself.  Most importantly they will remind you and help you to accept that you are enough.

There is no judgement, just friendship, accountability and presence.

Daily accountability, encouragement and resources from Bethany to
guide you back/help you to find the mother you want to be!

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What makes My Mama Village different?

There are so many communities of moms out there, especially on Facebook.  My Mama Village is different from all of those groups.  As a member in MMV you get more than a Facebook group, even though that is a really great part.  You will get: 

  • Access to Bethany daily through the group and e-mails
  • Personal Consult Call with Bethany
  • Daily encouragement, chats and community building to help get through each day
  • Access to a video library to answer questions you have on popular topics NOW
  • Monthly Challenges to help you feel, acknowledge and know your worth as the person you are beyond mom and wife
  • Working with Bethany individually via e-mail and on facebook to develop plans and strategies for postpartum troubles, lactation concerns, healthy eating and sleep habits for your children and more
  • New recipes, family activities, crafts and mom hacks EVERY month (3 of each!). Better than a magazine subscription because they are chosen with the mamas that are members in mind.
  • Weekly office hours in the facebook group where Bethany is live to answer questions and chat
  • One Live Mommy Mindset Video each week to inspire reflection, a mini escape and help you to learn more about yourself. All webinars will be recorded and accessible to watch if you can't make it!
  • Weekly Facebook Live videos with tips, tricks and encouragement for healthy mama living
  • Support and Friendship with other like-minded mamas
  • Goal Setting & Accountability

My Mama Village gives you the tools and
the community you need to make motherhood easier and better for you

As I enjoy the quiet without the kids, the thing I most looked forward to was opening my September Dropbox and catching up with my mama village. You are on to something big.  Hope you know how much you help in my daily life! Love the group and had to tell you.

Deirdre, Massachusetts, USA

I joined My Mama Village looking for "mom friends" as I had none, and I got that and so much more--my stress levels have never been lower and I no longer put myself down (to name just a couple)! Bethany is a God-send!

Kris, Kentucky, USA

Learn the value and worth of yourself, the woman that is called Mama

What are the benefits of My Mama Village?

Access to a full video library full of answers to your every day questions from Bethany and from experts in their field: Pediatrician, dentists, Speech and Language Pathologist, Early Childhood Educators AND MORE!

What can I expect after connecting with
Bethany and joining the village?

  • Solutions when you need them!
  • Personal plans and strategies to help tackle the struggles in your mom life
  • Answered questions on mindset, lactation/feeding, postpartum care and children's eating and sleeping habits.
  • The desire and ability to make more time for you
  • Feeling more confident overall
  • A complete shift in your mama mindset, finding value in who you are
  • A stronger, better mama for you and your whole family
  • A group that will lift you up when you can't
  • Friendship and personal relationship with Bethany and so many other great mamas!

Live chats, monthly challenges, ongoing support and more in My Mama Village!

Who is Bethany?

I am a busy mom just like you.  I spent the first couple of years of motherhood trying to figure out why I could't find balance, why I couldn't find peace because, despite my children bringing me the happiness I never knew I could have, I still didn't feel happy.

My experience with the lack of postpartum care and failed lactation services for new moms, and moms in general, showed me that I needed to do something.  I realized that it wasn't a fault of any of my doctors or professionals that I was seeing, it was a flaw in the system.  They weren't seeing the whole picture, they were seeing the woman before them that was struggling with a single problem.  They didn't really know who I was and they couldn't fully grasp the whole situation.

I found that as my children entered their toddler years, the same thing was happening when it came to their eating and sleeping habits.  I would ask for advice at our check-ups or google for hours about what I should be doing.  I was given generic and, mostly, unhelpful answers.  I was empowered by finding solutions for my kids and my family, doing what worked best for us.

Overall, that's what I aim to change with My Mama Village.  It's not just learning about your one (or many) struggles, but it is seeing the whole picture.  No more generic one size fits all answers.  We will join together to learn each others stories and then I can be more.

I fiercely believe in the village and advocating for one another.  I am just another mom in the village, but I have so much to offer as a sleep consultant, lactation counselor and postpartum doula.
I can help.  I can guide.  I can support.
I will help.  I will guide.  I will support.
But you have to let me.   


  • Postpartum Doula & Coach
    For moms that feel lost, I can help you to rediscover your self worth and find yourself, while coming to know and value who you are.
    For moms that struggle to find routine and balance, I can help you with a time management plan that can include household chores, meal planning and prep, family activities and more.

    For new moms, I can help you adjust to all the newness that can seem overwhelming.  I can strategize with you to address issues you may be facing with family members, time management and feeling lost in your new life by developing individualized goals and plans for you and your family.
  • Sleep Consultant
    When sleep is at a premium in your house, you don't function the way you should and it usually leads to being irritable and constantly exhausted.  It's really hard to be your best self when sleep is all you want.  I will work with you to develop an individual plan and strategy for you and your family that WORKS.  It will be helpful for you and everyone else involved!
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
    Whether you are currently breastfeeding and struggling with pain, latch, supply, weaning, etc. or a new mom that wants to prepare for breastfeeding, I can help you with all of this and more. I will help you work through any obstacle and develop personal goals and plans for you individually.  
  • Early Childhood Nutrition Specialist
    If you are having trouble putting balanced meals in front of your family or having trouble getting your picky eaters to even try a bite, I am your girl.  I can help you develop meals and/or strategies to get those picky eaters the nutrition they need.  I will work with you to develop an individual plan for you and your family - because everyone is different.  

Who's it for?

  • Mamas who are lacking direction, feeling like they have lost themselves in their motherhood
  • Mamas who have concerns and want help, support and guidance but want more accessibility than a one time consult/appointment for sleep, lactation, eating, managing transitions & more.
  • Mamas who have concerns about their children's eating and sleeping habits and want support and guidance through it
  • Mamas who need more sleep
  • Mamas who want to connect and support other mamas without judgement
  • Mamas who don't feel like they are enough for their families and friends
  • Mamas who struggle to put themselves first when they need it

Who's it NOT for?

  • Someone who has it all figured out and needs no help
  • Someone who doesn't want to find solutions that work, but would rather just complain about the issues
  • Someone who needs help BUT isn't willing to change
  • Someone that likes generic, one size fits all solutions to problems
  • Someone who has no room to let others in
  • Someone who is happy to sit back and judge others
  • Someone who isn't willing to put themselves first some of the time
  • Someone who doesn't want to contribute and support other mamas

Bethany delivers real-world insight and advice with a warm and calming presence.  I've never met a more genuine, caring and thoughtful individual.  Even as a busy mom she is always up beat and accessible, willing and able to help.  I can't imagine my life without her guidance and love!

Alex, Vermont, USA

Bethany is genuine, kind and caring.  She helps me to laugh through the ups and downs of my life and I know I can turn to her when I need a solution.

Sarah, Pennsylvania, USA


  • q-iconDo I need Facebook?

    While not having a Facebook account will not prevent you from purchasing a membership to My Mama Village, you will not get the full benefit of My Mama Village without a Facebook account. Group support, coaching and accountability will all be provided through a closed Facebook group that engaging in will make your experience more fulfilling. If Facebook isn’t your thing, reach out and we can talk about other options like personal phone calls and emails from Bethany through 1:1 Consults.

  • q-iconWhat if my kids are older? What if I'm not breastfeeding?

    As long as you are a mama, it doesn’t matter how old your kids are.  Bethany’s expertise ranges from helping mom’s with breastfeeding to the postpartum mindset and everything in between.  And..when we define postpartum we are talking anytime after having a baby – it doesn’t matter how long ago it was.  As a more experienced mom, you will get all that you are looking for and need but you will also have the opportunity to befriend and mentor other moms.

  • q-iconHow is this different from just another free Facebook group?

    The Facebook group is a very small aspect of what we have going on here in My Mama Village. Group support is one thing, but you have the opportunity to not only feel like you belong, but to get the help you need from a professional.  Bethany will work with you personally to determine goals, keep you accountable and help you to overcome whatever it may be that you are struggling with postpartum which can include, but is not limited to, breastfeeding concerns and postpartum mindset.

  • q-iconAm I buying a membership to have friends?

    Absolutely not. You are buying a membership to a community that will help and support you to become the woman and mother that you are meant to be. Friendship is an added benefit of My Mama Village, but you aren’t paying for that part of it 😉

  • q-iconWill an online community really become “my village”, won't I still be lonely?

    You will be amazed at the support you can get from other moms that live far away but stand in your corner every hour of the day. Chances are, when you are struggling with someone and post it in the group, someone else will be there to respond within a short time. It may not be about watching each other’s children while we go out on date night’s with our spouse, but it is about talking and voicing the need for that date night and venting/ranting/brainstorming with other mamas on how to get that date night. You will now have this amazing network of help and support. And online or not, it will help you feel connected, it will help you feel like you belong. You will come to know the women in this group like you have known them your whole life. On top of all that the wonderful connections with other women, Bethany will become your biggest supporter, your biggest fan. Online or not – the connection is there.

  • q-iconWhat if I want to cancel my membership?

    This is why membership is monthly. If you join and you realize it isn’t the community for you then you can cancel your membership via paypal. You will then be removed from the Facebook group at the end of the month and you will no longer receive materials from Latched and Attached regarding My Mama Village. If you wish to be removed from the group immediately, I can do that upon request. When you become a member, you are doing so one month at a time. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • q-iconHow is this group different from Bethany's free support group?

    This group not only promises the community and support of other mamas, like the support group.  However, you have much more access to Bethany in a much bigger way.  She is going to give you a different level of support with your lactation/postpartum concerns as a part of My Mama Village.  You also get so many other great resources and the ability to watch Bethany teach, which should help with your journey through motherhood all together – which will include breastfeeding but so much more!

  • q-iconHow does Bethany help in the toddler years (especially post-weaning)?

    Here’s the secret that everyone needs to know – Postpartum Doulas can help you with a lot, Bethany can help you with more.  It goes well beyond her lactation services.  Her abilities range from helping you with your picky eater to working out a sleep routine that works for you and your family to helping you become a healthier mama – mind, body & spirit.  Bethany won’t just feed you information about what she used with her kids, what her friends did, etc.  She will lay out all options for you, helping you to decide what works best for you and your family in ANY given situation.  There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to motherhood or our children – Bethany will work with you to find the answer that works for you – an answer that will show you results.

Your Investment

Your investment is more than just money.  It's investing in your well being, your livelihood, a more enjoyable motherhood for YOU.  Be selfish and invest in yourself, I promise you will find that I am invested in you.

  My Mama Village has no contract.  You can cancel anytime.

join now

What's next?

You join My Mama Village and get started!  Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail (if you can't find it check your spam!) that you need to confirm and then you will be added to the closed Facebook group and you and I will schedule a chat to get to know each other a little better and start to figure out a plan and set some goals!

This is just the beginning of all that you have in store as a member of My Mama Village.

You will also get new content monthly.  Besides the monthly fun, daily you will have a whole new village of mamas cheering you on and supporting you from all over the world.  You will have daily access to me and I will be happy to hash out any concerns, frustrations or wins you've had/are currently having.  Can't wait to see you there!